From President学長挨拶

Moving toward the next 50 years, let’s build the future together. DESIGN THE FUTURE, TOGETHER!
In 2023, the University of Tsukuba will celebrate its 151st anniversary of its inception and the 50th anniversary of its establishment.

The university was founded in 1872 as the Normal School by the newly established Meiji government as Japan’s first state-run institution of higher education. Since this time it has gone through numerous transformations: first as the Tokyo Higher Normal School, followed by the Tokyo University of Literature and Science and the Tokyo University of Education, and lastly when it opened its doors as a new concept university in Tsukuba Science City as the University of Tsukuba. Twenty-one years have passed since its merger with the University of Library and Information Science in 2002.

University of Tsukuba was established 50 years ago as a university open to the world with the founding principles of trans-disciplinarity and internationalization in response to the stagnation of research and education in Japan; the aim was to build a university that could quickly respond to the rapidly changing society at the time. From establishment, we have boasted an unparalleled range of academic disciplines, and have pioneered new trans-disciplinary education and research while simultaneously strengthening our areas of specialization. We have also been at the cutting edge of innovation by breaking through the confines of the ivory tower through active industry-government-academia collaboration.

University of Tsukuba is now pursing fundamental change once again. Our current slogan “IMAGINE THE FUTURE.” represents our idea of a boundaryless future. We now declare a new slogan, “DESIGN THE FUTURE, TOGETHER.” that reflects our hopes for realizing a future that transcends borders through active collaboration with society as a whole. Drawing on the legacy of our predecessors, as well as the traditions and strengths we have cultivated over the last half century, our university will move forward together with everyone toward a brighter future.

In April 2022, the University of Tsukuba became a Designated National University Corporation. We aim to continue our efforts to create knowledge to solve global-scale issues and to nurture the next generation of the global leaders who can lead these efforts. We will create an environment where students and faculty can fully enjoy their studies and research on a campus rich in diversity, where internationalization is experienced every day. To do so, however, requires engagement based on shared understanding with society. The University of Tsukuba believes that engagement requires mutual support. Our achievements over the past 50 and even 151 years were not realized solely through the efforts of students, faculty and staff. They were achieved with the understanding and support of a wide range of stakeholders. We would like to make the commemoratory celebration of 151 years since our inception and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the University of Tsukuba an occasion to express our sincere gratitude to all who have been kind enough to lend their support to our university.

Moving toward the next 50 years, let’s build the future together. DESIGN THE FUTURE, TOGETHER!

August 2022
NAGATA Kyosuke
President of the University of Tsukuba